At Monogram Orthopedics we believe that every patient has a unique solution to achieve a pain-free lifestyle.

Every procedure can be catered to customize implant position and alignment relative to an individual's morphology and anatomical limitations. Additionally, all case logistics are streamlined to facilitate minimal processing and coordination time.

At Monogram Orthopedics every patient is an individual, not just a number.

Precise Robotics

Our planned innovations rest on one central idea: precision robotics that enable personalized joint implants. As we move towards introducing our robotics technology in the operating room, we are working to make the precision cuts needed to fit customized 3D-printed implants. In the future, we believe our technology will ensure surgeons can complete a perfect surgery, every time.

Custom Hardware

In the future, we aim to deliver customized 3D printed implant solutions to further address individual anatomical challenges. Combined with our precision robotics, every individual will have personalized solutions tailored for them. Gone are the days of "one size fits all"

Innovative Software

Our innovative software enables maximum logistical and clinical efficiency. Clinical representatives will be able to process patient image data using industry leading machine learning algorithms and automated processes. All clinical workflows are streamlined to optimize individual workflows and automate implant position and alignment.

A Perfect Fit

The mBos robot allows users to achieve perfect cuts every time. The perfect cut allows for the perfect implantation.

Revolutionizing Orthopedic Joint Replacement

One system, to perform safe and fast orthopedic surgeries.


Best-fit implants, to drive and provide better patient outcomes.

As Seen In

"Given the sheer number of knee and hip replacement procedures every year, the fact that joint reconstruction technology has remained unchanged for over 50 years is perplexing."

- Newsweek

"Monogram has a first-to-market advantage in a sector that's about to get even more competitive."

- Zero Hedge

"Monogram Orthopedics is ushering in personalized orthopedic care by combining proprietary 3D printing technology with next-generation navigated surgical robotics".

- Inc.

"Monogram is developing a better way by commercializing highly personalized joint implants unique to every patient and a first-of-its-kind active robotics system that performs precise bone cuts."

- Fast Company

"Monogram has conducted studies with UCLA and demonstrated Monogram process was about seven times more stable than current hip replacement techniques."

- Futurism

You Deserve
Personalized Care

Patients have been forced to compromise with poorly fitting implants for decades. We fixed it. Our 3D-printed implants are customized to match each patient’s anatomy as closely as possible. The result is a decrease in micro-mobility which increases the likelihood of acceptance of the implant by a patient.

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